Press Pack Come to the Indian Jungle with Riverbank Productions and meet the man cub Mowlgi who is brought up by a family of wolves. Follow his adventure as he encounters Baloo, the bear, who teaches him “The Law of the Jungle”, Bagheera, the panther, who teaches him how to survive. Akala, the head of the wolf pack; Kaa, the sinister snake, the naughty monkeys and Shere Khan, the tiger, who means to hunt Mowgli down and eat him! As Mowgli grows up it becomes clear that he will have to confront Shere Khan, his enemy if he wants to stay alive. From the company that brought you "Pinocchio". The clever use of puppets and brand new songs with catchy music, especially composed with children in mind, really brings the exciting story to life. This faithful adaptation from Rudyard Kipling's novel will appeal specifically to children aged 4 to 9, and is aimed at family audiences and everyone who loves a good adventure.
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